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Unique Strategy for Individual Languages

SEO for every language is an individual project. We are one of the best multilingual SEO company & we will conduct comprehensive keyword research for the local language for which you want to optimize your website content and then help you create the structure as well as the content from ground up. Since every language has its unique nuances, so will be your SEO content.


Multi-Search Engine Optimization

Different people use different search engines. Although, almost 93% of the search market share is controlled by Google, there are many search engines used in different parts of the world. Considering the size of the Internet, even a small percentage of 2-3% constitutes a big share of your market. Through our multilingual SEO company service, we can improve your rankings for multiple search engines.


Multilingual Campaigns

We can launch optimization campaigns simultaneously or in a linear fashion, depending on your short-term and long-term SEO strategy. We have a capable team of international SEO experts that can work on your project. Whether you are promoting a single product or service or a bouquet of products and services, as a multilingual SEO company, we can help you improve your search engine rankings through targeted campaigns.


Multilingual Keyword Research

The approach that is followed to improve rankings for the English language is also the same for other languages. Using state-of-the-art tools, we will research all the primary and secondary keywords for your target audience. We will also be targeting longtail keywords.


Search Intent Analysis

Searchers from different languages may have different intent of using the same phrase for different purposes. For example, someone searching for “the best adult shoes” in English may have a different intent than someone searching for “Les meilleures chaussures pour adultes” in French, because the way we use various phrases and expressions differs from region to region. Multilingual SEO company experts will carry out a unique study of search intents for different regions and languages and then improve your search engine rankings for the chosen language.


Total Turnkey Multilingual SEO Services

Worried that you may not know the language we are optimizing your website for? You don’t need to know the language to make use of our service. Our multilingual SEO company services are completely reliable and scores of clients from all over the world trust our services. We closely work with language experts and experienced translators to prepare text and visuals that represent your branding messages in the best possible manner. Whether you want to convert your existing English text into another language, or you want everything rewritten from scratch, we can scale our services seamlessly.


Multilanguage SEO Services for Mobile Phones

Your 50% traffic might be coming from mobile phones all over the world and this mobile search traffic share is increasing every year. Hence, it is very important that your business enjoys higher search engine rankings in mobile search. In fact, more people use their own languages on their mobile phones than on PCs and laptops. This is why our multilingual SEO company team take your multilanguage SEO for mobile phones very seriously and implement a dedicated strategy to improve your rankings.


Optimized Website Design for Local Languages

Your website source code has a big role to play when you are optimizing your website for English as well as local languages. For example, the Google ranking algorithm takes into consideration your navigation bar, your top menu and your footer menu when analyzing the contents of your website. The text used with various hyperlinks on your website also have a direct bearing on your search engine rankings. Our SEO experts can analyze your existing website structure and even work with dedicated localized websites to improve your rankings in various targeted languages.


SEO Localization Services

Planning to reach an international audience through SEO localization? Search engine localization works at the customized content level and the language level. We do SEO localization for both levels. We adapt the messaging to a specific locality by paying attention to the local social references and cultural nuances. We follow a holistic approach rather than a “translation” approach. When you target foreign clients and customers, you need to understand how they actually search for your product or service in their country, in their language. We use the exact words and phrases, contextually, to help your target customers and clients. This helps you expand your global reach conclusively.


Real-Time Search Analytics Monitoring and Reporting

The crux of your entire SEO strategy depends on the intelligence that you draw from your search analytics. You don’t want all the traffic; you want traffic that converts. Our SEO experts will closely watch the nature of the traffic that your website generates and then implement changes to steer the traffic towards a higher ROI. We will keep a close watch on your search analytics and present to you monthly reports on your overall performance.


Paid Search Marketing

You can also use paid search marketing to improve your multilanguage rankings. In the beginning, when your content is still being indexed and evaluated by the search engines, you don’t need to wait and watch. Since, the traffic that you get impacts your search engine rankings, you can use paid search marketing to start getting search traffic faster. Our Internet marketing experts can help you get the needed multilanguage exposure while keeping your costs low. Gradually, your organic rankings will improve, and you can lower your budget for paid search marketing.


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